The test that predicts whether you and your partner will break up

If you’re struggling to ascertain whether or not your partner is ‘The One’, a new test might help you decide. Kate Wray, a professional matchmaker and relationship expert, has shared a simple quiz that she says will help you decide if your partner is in it for the long haul….


Day our little MD got married

Dear Diary, Our MD’s daughter got married on Saturday. It was a colourful event. I was opportune to witness the engagement, church wedding and reception. I saw how a mother fawned over daughter. I realised I never had opportunity to be a child. I can’t even remember if I had…


Heartbeat from death (1)

So many couples have parted ways just because of reading through their spouses’ phones, which to me, I think is wrong. If I may ask, is it proper to go through someone’s phone without the person’s permission?  I find it difficult to take someone’s call and I definitely don’t expect…



And just as I thought the birthday party and celebration was over yesterday- 11/10, I continued with my normal lifestyle (so many task and instructions to handle at the same time. I am used to it though). Myself and few of my colleagues ( some 3 troublesome young men; very…



Well, I am used to my normal low key birthday celebration (without cakes or candies. The last time I had a birthday with a cake and a big party was when I clocked 1 courtesy of my dad & mum). I thought this year’s 10/10 was going to be like…


Shocking behaviour from kids: God help us

No matter how we try, a black guy can’t be whiter than the white guy. No matter what we do, Nigeria can’t become America. In USA, old men and women are seen, practising journalism; in Nigeria, only the young are supposed to practice journalism. Today, most media houses have placed…


Are you saying sex is so freaking important?

Dear Diary, It’s  been an eventful week and past one month. My baby was sick and then I fell sick. I was miserable. When Faith came to visit me on Saturday; I complained about tons of things and started crying. The Saturday before that, she did the crying. That’s what…


Gender based violence: My sister, you have a choice to walk out

Dear Diary, We concluded the three-day action packed training today on reporting gender based violence. I was challenged by some of the stories I heard. Some women even challenged me with their heart breaking stories. Don’t think you have problems until you hear the story of your next door neighbour….


After resurrection of Mr. Penis, mum ruled

(Heartbreaking story of a lady in love) These men are tied to their mothers’ apron strings. They jump and dance at the flick of their mothers’ fingers. These men simply can’t take decisions on their own without first consulting their mothers. If possible, they will take permission from their ‘mum’…


‘I haven’t told my husband our daughter isn’t his’

Many of us will admit that we are guilty of telling are partners the odd white lie from time to time. However, a news series of confessions on secret sharing app Whisper have revealed the most unbelievable and life altering secrets that spouses have kept from one another. A far…



She was pregnant when she found out he has a penchant for telling lies. Lies are one of the greatest character flaws she abhors in any human being. Yet, it was staring and smirking her  in the face. She thought of aborting the growing foetus, but her elder sister kicked…


Hell of a day at New Telegraph Newspaper

Dear Diary, Yesterday was hell of a day at the office. I thought the day would never come to an end. I worried and almost cried. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. It all started after our meeting with our editor, Ayo. Electrical appliances started blowing like Boko Haram…


‘Our last child doesn’t belong to me’

A driver, Mr. Aniefiok Adams, yesterday told an Agege Customary Court, Lagos, that he was not sure he was the father of his child as his wife, Peace, had not been faithful to him. Adams said Peace was not submissive and had been going out with other men because he…


My husband asked me to terminate six-month pregnancy

A 40-year-old housewife, Amudalat Afolabi., yesterday told an Ilorin Area Court that her husband, Tajudeen, sent her packing because she refused to terminate a six-month pregnancy. Amudalat made this known when she testified in a divorce petition filed against her by Tajudeen in Ilorin. She said: “My husband sent me…


‘My wife too worldly, wears jeans trousers’

A former banker, Mr. Ebenezer Olotuyemi, yesterday told an Agege Customary Court, Lagos, that his wife, Osi, was not a godly woman. According to him, his wife has been engaging in worldly activities like wearing of jeans trousers. Olotuyemi also told the court that his wife did not love and…


The deceit in Iyawo waa (2)

Some parents know their son has no intention to marry the girl, yet they continue to call her Iyawo waa. Whenever she turns her back, they go, “marry who? My son can’t marry an Ijebu girl….my son can’t marry an Ondo girl…my son can’t marry omo nna…my son can’t marry…


The deceit in Iyawo waa (1)

In Nigeria, when a guy proposes to a lady and she accepts, they are automatically engaged. The newly engaged couple, and members of their families begin to look forward to the great day; the wedding day. Right from the moment the guy tells his family members that he had proposed…