After resurrection of Mr. Penis, mum ruled

(Heartbreaking story of a lady in love)

These men are tied to their mothers’ apron strings. They jump and dance at the flick of their mothers’ fingers. These men simply can’t take decisions on their own without first consulting their mothers.

If possible, they will take permission from their ‘mum’ before going to bed with their wives.

I’ll never forget the story of my friend Ngozi. She dated Jonathan for eight years.

Jonathan however had penis erection problem. The problem was so bad, that ladies shied away from him.

No lady wanted to be associated with a guy who is good looking, but has nothing to offer inside his pants.

The dangling two lines-men and one referee were just for decorations. There’s no life inside them. At least nothing that could kick a woman’s honey into attention, let alone to score a goal! The penis was like a toothless bull dog. It can bark, but can’t bite.

Ngozi was the only that stuck to him like a leech even after she discovered he couldn’t ‘do.’

She was, apparently, madly in love with Jonathan.

She visited different pastors, Muslim clerics and herbal homes on behalf of Jonathan. She wanted solution. She wanted the penis to resurrect and walk again. She looked for miracle. She was desperate and relentless. She did the ‘shopping around’ with her meager salary as a sales girl.

She finally tracked down a cure at Agege area of Lagos State, where she was charged a whooping sum of money.

She was given an herbal medicine for the guy. He was to use it for 14 days. Thank God it worked! Jonathan can now ball a lady for hours. He was like a peacock; always strutting around, displaying his erection.

Haaa! Nooo! Not to me. Probably to Ngozi. Jonathan was so happy that he proposed to Ngozi.

They travelled to see Jonathan’s mum. Incidentally, Ngozi is an orphan.  The woman welcomed and complimented her beauty.  The next morning, Ngozi woke up very early to do the house chores.  They travelled back to Lagos. Jonathan’s mum later invited her son back to the village.

A week later, he travelled to see his mum. To his surprise, his mum introduced another lady, Gift, to him.

Gift is the daughter of her friend. The mum said that it was Gift her spirit accepted as a wife for Jonathan.

Jonathan is one of those men that can’t say no to their mum.

Jonathan exchanged phone numbers with Gift.  They started calling each other.

When Ngozi asked him the outcome of his journey to his village, he picked a quarrel with her. Things started falling apart between them. A few months later, Gift was invited to Lagos by Jonathan.

Jonathan’s mum came to Lagos too. She invited Ngozi for a chat. And without mincing words, uncaring about the wounds her words were causing, told her that her son would never marry her.

Ngozi didn’t believe her. She thought Jonathan’s love was stronger than his mother’s wish and machinations. But Jonathan kept mum. He looked like a lost sheep.

She walked out with tears streaming down her cheeks. She never heard from Jonathan after that day.

A month later, Jonathan and Gift got married. The wedding was rushed because Gift was already pregnant.

He no longer picks Ngozi’s phone call. A year later, he started having issues with Gift. He went to Ngozi’s school, begging her for sex. He shameless told her that Gift poor in bed.

God!  Some men are just crazy! So, Gift good to be balled, not to be married? Can you imagine the trash!

Contributor is Glory Francis (08038465069)

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