Are you saying sex is so freaking important?

Dear Diary,

It’s  been an eventful week and past one month. My baby was sick and then I fell sick. I was miserable.

When Faith came to visit me on Saturday; I complained about tons of things and started crying. The Saturday before that, she did the crying. That’s what friends do. We cry and simply try to be there for each other…

We don’t have the solutions to stop the pains, but we just listened and tell each other it would be okay.

We are both scared of losing our jobs. We are scared of losing our homes. We are scared of the recession. The future looks bleak.

We discussed about troubling health problems. She did a medical test and was told to go and have sex. Apparently she wasn’t having it or enough of it.

I did a medical test and was told the same thing. We stared into each others’ eyes; I asked her: “So, does this mean that sex is so freaking important?”

I thought it was just a biological need one could ignore. But Faith felt it was basically and health-wise important; whatever that means.

I told her about my sexual phobia…the horrifying pains…the tear…the bleeding…always…constant.

The first time I would be telling her this stuff…

She said I couldn’t be the only one suffering from such malady. We talked about going to a doctor, but also googling it.

Hum! I’m sick and tired of doctors and hospitals. They both give me the creeps. Nine years is  a hell of a long time to be parading hospitals and opening up vaginal for doctors to poke through.

I don tire abeg.

Yesterday was Aunt Tola’s birthday…The day before yesterday was Frank Mba’s birthday. So, these great folks share same star. Hum.

The pains in my stomach continues. I couldn’t eat or sleep well.

DSS raiding of Judges’ homes at midnight continues to dominant discussions on social media. Some people are even insulting one another.

They can kill one another for all I care, my own thing is that the price of rice and indomie should ‘come down.’

I still dey train pikins. I no fit shout.

Tried several times to call the kids’ father, but he seemed to be on awol.

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