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When you have a reason for loving somebody, it’s no longer love. Love simply does not believe in a clause. Sexual attraction also does not care about educational background and physical attributes.

I still remember a friend of mine (male) who jilted his babe, who has a traffic jam look and went after the ugliest babe I’d ever seen then. And he was not ashamed to be seen with her. The way he was parading her, you’d think she was Agbani Darego of Nigeria!

Don’t be fooled into believing that once you bang this babe, that would be the end of the itch and feelings you have for her. The chances are 50-50.

Finally, getting to bang her could mean the cure to your itch or it could mean, wanting her more. Mind you, age also has nothing to do with it. If you can feel your manhood dancing makosa at the sigh of her boobs or derriere, then my dear kind sir, it means you have a lively and adventurous snake between your tights.

If Fatai Rolling Dollars had it in him to carefully bang and understand the circumference of his latest babe to the extent that he got her pregnant, there’s nothing a guy in his 50s can’t do.  It all has to do with your mind. Do you believe you can engage a sexually active babe in her mid-twenties in serious bedmantic and live to tell the tale?

I don’t believe a guy in his 50s is old. Age is part of the things that have to do with the mind. I am not however unmindful that there are some men, who once they are past 40 and knocking on the doors of 50, simply find it difficult to get their manhood to be at attention at the call of a warm honey pot! Poor guys!

Your situation is especially peculiar because you have only two lives; your home and office. With such a lifestyle, it would be tough to get over your sexual fancy for this babe.

You probably spend more hours in the office. And because you spend more hours there, you are increasingly spending more time with the babe.

This is a big factor in your sexual hunger for her. All I just want to tell you is that you’re not mad and there’s nothing dirty about your feelings.

Whatever you’re feeling, signifies that you’re a warm blooded male specie! It also means your adrenaline is working.

Listen sir, if you ask me, it’s something to shout “hurray” about and not something to grimace and worry about. My motto is “As long as you’re alive, live life to the fullest.”

You may give the babe another try. Make her understand the emotional turbulence she had you wrapped in. make her feel special and not like a sex object. I don’t think there’s any harm in wearing your feelings on your sleeve, if you truly want her.

Have you ever wondered;   that she may be scared of having anything to do with you, because she’s worried that you may just only want to sample and dump her?

You and I know that, that’s the tune most men play. No lady wants to be used to “kill” an itch and later dumped. If you try again and she turns you down, it doesn’t mean the end of life. Risk is part of the joy and spice of life. Take the bull by the horn today and try again.

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