Bride abandons groom for lesbian lover

A 24-year-old man was left distraught after his childhood sweetheart dumped him and moved in with another woman six weeks before their dream £25,000 wedding.

Adam Vickers, 24, from Middlesbrough had booked the church, reception and honeymoon for his upcoming wedding to Laura O’Callaghan before he was unceremoniously dumped by the healthcare worker for Sinead Keziah.

Vickers, a plumber, claimed he was left with £20,000 of debts following the spilt.

He managed to sell his wedding reception booking online for just £2,000.

He told the Sunday People: ‘It came as a huge shock. I never suspected she was a lesbian. I felt sick in my stomach. I couldn’t help thinking it was down to me not being good enough.

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