DARK ANGELS: Are those kids really yours? (2)

Haven’t I narrated this story before? I have this feeling of déjà vu. I must have told it before. Anyway it doesn’t matter. I’m simply making a point. She was a secretary to the managing director of the company.

According to what she told me, the guy was an Adonis. Not only was he good looking, he was a firebrand in bed. She fell for him. A mere crush I guessed, but one that went out of hand.

I don’t and didn’t bother to find out who seduced. I heard it was a torrid affair started. She went into it with everything she had, unmindful that the MD was a ‘happily’ married man.

After the MD browsed her website for months, she got pregnant. The MD wanted her to delete it, but she preferred to download it. The love affair went sour.

MD felt she wanted to destroy his marriage and threatened her. The first threat was real enough. He kicked her out of the company. She was a smart lady. She knew she needed a sucker, a fall guy for the unborn child. She got one.

Allowed him an airtime of a month and rushed to tell him that she had a missed call. Like most naive guys are wont to do, he accepted it.

The first suspicion came when she had a healthy baby before nine months. But guess what? It was not even the stupid guy that noticed the discrepancies in the dates of conception and delivery, but his friends.

They told him; he refused to believe. He said he knew his babe, who had then become his wife, wouldn’t dare to pass another guy’s baby to him.

But like a dream, she walked out two years later. She told him after a heated quarrel that the child didn’t belong to him.

She confided in me and something inside of me died. It was the beginning and the end of our relationship.

We didn’t quarrel! We simply drifted apart after she took another guy as lover and left the child for her aged parents at the village.

Do I think I’m better than her? No! But I don’t think I would be caught dead in that sort of scenario.

Most times, an extra marital affair doesn’t happen because you planned it. Sometimes, it happens spontaneously; without being planned.

A simple scenario; a male and a female, either already married or not married, suddenly become sexually attracted to each other. The right thing would be to fight it.

Best way to fight it?

Never give room for romantic and sexual chit-chats.

Never allow for solitude between the two of you. Never go for mood light stroll and never lie to your legally married partner about that person.

If you can avoid these, you can avoid temptation. If you find yourself too close to him/her, a smile or laughter could lead to mouths clinging hungrily to each other.

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