DARK ANGELS: Are those kids really yours? (3)

Believe me, sexual hunger has nothing to do with love. It’s pure undiluted sexual hunger.

It’s like a craving for a hard drug. You want it real bad and sometimes you don’t give a shit about the consequences. You want to feel him or her between the sheets. Sometimes it becomes an obsession.

Once you are through the thrusting and panting stage, you begin to wonder and ponder, “What the heck did I see in him/her. What the hell was I thinking?”

Remorse may set in, or maybe worse; you may wish to take another ride.

But then, it’s one thing to bang another guy, who is not your husband and then get pregnant for him.

It’s quite another matter to carry that pregnancy to term, put to bed and pass the baby off as your husbands.

It’s sickeningly. And from what most people tell me, it has become the fad among some high class chicks.

Who am I kidding? There’s no class nonsense here. It is now prevalent among ladies. I even heard that some of these women deliberately go to their pastors to “assist” husband’s plant the much sought after fruit of the womb.

Believe me; a lot of ladies who go for vigils and prayer meetings are in love with their pastors.

Look at it this way; they spend a lot of time with their pastors than with their husbands. So, what do you expect?

When they go, “my pastor doesn’t like…my pastor says…,” you see the love pouring forth from them if you have eyes to see

Juliana Francis eyes dey see plenty!

My friend told me that he was at LUTH when a man ran mad after he discovered that his sick child, who was on admission, was not really his biological son.

How it happened? The boy was sick and doctors said the child needed a blood transfusion if he was to be saved. The worried father didn’t want any other person’s blood because of HIV.

He donated his blood and got the shock of his life.

Doctors told him that his blood didn’t match. He couldn’t possibly be the biological father of the boy.

He rushed home to his four other children and had a DNA test. Guess what?  Only one turned out to be his! He confronted the wife and she claimed the results could be faulty.

The man gave her a free hand to pick any laboratory she likes. The results still turned out to be the same. This happened just last month. If you were in the guy’s position, what would you do? Kill the lady? Send her and the children packing?

God! I can just imagine his pains and dilemma. Women! She sure did a piece on him.

I heard of a man who took his two children to US years ago. They grew up there, but the female one suddenly fell ill. She was taken to hospital and one test led to another and man discovered that the two children, whom he had spent money on in acquisition of the best education, were not really his children.

Perhaps you would prefer to hear the story of the man who wanted to take his four children overseas this year, but when he got to the embassy, they demanded for a DNA result.

What with child trafficking these days, one can’t be too careful. Yeah, you’re right again. Three of the children were not fruits of his lions.

Have you heard the story of Segun and Akin?

Bosom friends from childhood; same village, same schools. Theirs was like David and Jonathan’s kind of love and friendship. Too much love for each other.

Then Segun got married. When the wife was in labour, Segun followed her into the labour room to give her moral support. And right in the middle of labour pangs, the silly woman began to scream, “Akin see what you have done to meeeeeeeeee O!”

You and I know what that means.

…But really, how accurate is DNA test?

Written in July 2008.

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