Day our little MD got married

Dear Diary,

Our MD’s daughter got married on Saturday. It was a colourful event. I was opportune to witness the engagement, church wedding and reception.

I saw how a mother fawned over daughter. I realised I never had opportunity to be a child. I can’t even remember if I had time to be an adolescent.

I was already a mother to several kids, while my age mates were busy just being kids.

I realised now that I missed several things; things my mates took for granted.

Looking back, all I can remember is going to bed late, waking up at 4am, washing, sweeping, cooking…phew!

Nay! There was never time to play.

A few days ago, my son asked me the cause of the scars on my back. My mind flashed back to my youth.

Yes, I used to wake up 4am week days, yet got to school 9am or past. I had to finish my domestic chores, cook, bath the kids and get them ready for school before leaving for my own school.

The scars were floggings from teachers for my incessant lateness to school coming. Hummm.

Tired of the flogging, I started staying outside the school compound, waiting until lunch break before mixing with other kids.

I tried to explain to my son…

God! I miss my father. Even though I didn’t stay with my parents; a big mistake on their parts, he tried to be my rock.

He didn’t have, but he tried to visit me once in a while, to check on me and my schooling.

I knew he didn’t have, so I had to do the needful.

I got educated by walking through the eyes of a needle.

It’s all seem so funny and easy now. But it was hell back them. Never had a text book. Sat on the dusty floor because I couldn’t afford a seat. Wrote class notes for lazy students so that they could pay me. Used money to buy sandals, uniforms and writing books.

It didn’t end in secondary school, continued through to university. Seems to me, I had always been alone; fighting, struggling, to survive…

Nay, God has always been with me.

But hey, when the heck will the struggling stop?

I want someone to fawn over me the way our MD fawned over her daughter.

Hum? Am I wishing for the moon?

Anyway, enough of this yeye depressing flashes and yearnings.

Glory and I have started our plans in earnest. In God we place our hope. He won’t disappoint us.

God, please heal Juliet Bumah. She’s my friend. Please make her strong and let her physical and inner beauty continue to radiate. Her body is the temple of God, not a structure for sickness, in Jesus name amen.

After the storm in the office, things settled back to normal. I wondered how long it would be before another storm breaks…

The workload in the office continues to multiply…

Somehow, something are going to get lost or missed in the middle.

My candid opinion is that we should finish one programme before another. But the hell is going to suggest it?

Certainly not Juliana Francis

For the very first time, MD came on the New telegraph’s platform. She thanked everyone for giving her support during the wedding of our little MD.

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