DNA Alert: The love triangle story

By May Ebute

She was my former neighbour. She was involved in a sort of love triangle. She had a fiancé whom she didn’t love. According to her, he was too quiet for her. She affirmed that he was a nice guy but of course his quiet nature put her off. The funny thing was, the guy was crazy about her. If your definition of ‘crazily in love’ is along the lines of  ‘ calling her at least twice a day and sending her money anytime she was broke, then  Miss A’s fiancé would have passed for a good man.
Theirs was a long distance relationship. He lived in the east and she lived in Lafia hence the frequent calls. There were times, we’d be sitting on her corridor, doing girl bonding stuffs and her phone would ring. We usually knew it was him because she’d usually frowns and hiss. She had a way of putting his calls on speaker so we could hear their conversation. Perhaps she wanted us to ridicule him or something. Or Maybe she wanted us to laugh at his igbotic accent. Her replies to his questions were always done in angry tones. l always wondered why dude couldn’t detect the obvious dislike. Now the weird thing is, Miss A never told us any bad thing about the dude. Her only problem was his quietness. Yet, she wasn’t going to call off the relationship. She wanted to get married.
It so happened that Dude went to Lagos to do some things. He decided to come  to Lafia all the way from Lag to see his wife to be. Miss A informed us of his coming and we were all so excited at the thought of meeting this great but quiet lover. We made sure we sat on her corridor all evening. No one wanted to miss the grand entry of the great but despised lover. Actually, Miss A wanted us to see him and then tell her our impressions.
Dude finally arrived for his first visit to Lafia. I must confess that he was very fine. Maybe the sight of all the girls sitting in front of his boo’s room, unsettled him. He acted very shy. He could barely answer our greetings of ‘In law welcome o.’
Few minutes after getting into Miss A’s room, they came out. He was still with his bag. Miss A informed us, to our surprise,that she was taking him to a nearby hotel to spend the night. We had bade her goodnight, thinking she was going to spend the night with him. We were wrong. She came back to the house. Her reason was, she couldn’t stand the sight of the guy. We all felt pity for the poor dude who had travelled a long distance to get an ice cold reception. We convinced her to go back and stay with him since it was his first time in town and he didn’t know anyone. She accepted and returned to the hotel. But of course she caused a fight for no reason. When she called her next door neighbor  to come and let her into the compound, we could hear the guy laughing in sinister tones in the background.
The next morning he left for the east and never looked back. He had seen there was no future with her. The year was ending. Miss A had blown her chance of marriage.
Now let me tell you about the second part of the triangle. He was a married man with four wives. He had loads of money and treated Miss A like an egg. She was crazily in love with him too. Where her ex fiance was boring, her sugar daddy wasn’t. She had been dating him alongside her ex. The few times l saw him leaving her apartment in the mornings, l would wonder what it was she saw in the huge, very big pot bellied man as compared to her cute fiance.  James Hardley Chase says ‘you never know with women.’ In Miss A’s case, that saying actually proved true. His marriages didn’t deter her. His confession that he wasn’t going to marry her, didn’t deter her either. She flaunted him around like he was the best man in the world. Of course Miss A had her plan B. Fiance had broken up with her, Sugar daddy didn’t want to marry her and she wanted to marry the following year.Plan B was hatched quickly.

We were in 2014 and here comes Facebook lover. She had all along been dating a guy she met on Facebook. We only got to know about him a few days to his visit. He came in from the east and of a truth, Facebook lover was every inch a woman’s dream. We were happy for miss A. We only began to see she was making a mistake when Facebook love started hitting on another pretty neighbour of mine, behind her back.
Miss A was a talker. She never hesitated to feed us info. We knew the guy wanted marriage before he came to visit. We also knew he had started developing cold feet after he left for the east. We knew Miss A wanted to marry at all cost before the end of the year. I still remember her famous words. ‘ Girls whether by hook or crook, 2014 Na my year.l must marry by force.’ We knew she wanted Facebook lover to marry her. What we didn’t know was that she was a month pregnant for her pot bellied sugar daddy. Miss A made sure she had unprotected sex with Facebook lover all through his stay. When he began to develop cold feet, she told us her plans to pin the pregnancy on him.
She told us that,When she missed her period, she knew it was sugar daddy’s baby. He wanted her to abort it and gave her money for a D& C. But she kept the baby and convinced Facebook love to come around. He did the needful when he came. She had set her eyes on him for marriage so she told him a month after his visit that she was pregnant. Immediately, Facebook lover’s coldness became hot. He’s an only son whose mum was on his neck to get married. Quickly he invited her to the east and took her home to mama. Before 2014 ended, it was an excited Facebook lover that said ‘l do’ to Miss A. I saw the wedding pictures. Even in her wedding gown, the baby bump was very visible.
Once upon a time, we were neighbours who bonded well enough at some stage, to discuss intimate details about ourselves. That is how l know that In the whole wide word, only myself, miss E, Miss S and Miss A herself, know that  her first child does not belong to her husband. Even Sugar daddy does not know that he has a child somewhere in the east.

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