Hell of a day at New Telegraph Newspaper

Dear Diary,

Yesterday was hell of a day at the office. I thought the day would never come to an end. I worried and almost cried.

Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. It all started after our meeting with our editor, Ayo. Electrical appliances started blowing like Boko Haram members were detonating bombs inside the office.

At a point, I ran out of the office, barefoot. Yes!  I never wan die! I married at a  very old age and had two kids at a very old age. My pikins still need me ojare!

Anyway, before we got the power supply back, it was almost past 8pm. The deadline for production died a natural death.

I felt sorry for Editor. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. Ayo’s head must have been exploding.

The crazy thing about being an Editor; whether rain falls or not, generator packs up or not,  you must produce the paper. And the quality must be topnotch. And you must not miss a story. In fact, Editor’s are expected to be miracle workers.

Ayo shouted at everyone and everything, I felt he would soon collapse from cardiac arrest. But he didn’t and we survived another stormy day at New Telegraph Newspaper. The best and fastest growing news paper in Nigeria. Yes ooo. You may take that to the banks!

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Meanwhile, my stomach was having issues with the draw soup I ate. It was so bad, I felt nauseous. Bello bought Tom-Tom, but it didn’t do the trick. For days now, I haven’t been feeling well. I sweat a lot, even with the air conditioner on. Maybe it’s menopause, who knows with this aging body of mine. Too many screws are always getting loose. Hu!

I got home at about past 11pm and raced for the toilet. I must have passed out even my intestines. God!

Immediately the stuff tumbled down rebelliously into the toilet, I felt relieved.

The kids were already asleep. I bath and tried to pray, but fell asleep. God forgive me . Next time, I promise to pray well…

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