‘I haven’t told my husband our daughter isn’t his’

Many of us will admit that we are guilty of telling are partners the odd white lie from time to time.

However, a news series of confessions on secret sharing app Whisper have revealed the most unbelievable and life altering secrets that spouses have kept from one another.

A far cry from a simple fib about how nice your partner’s haircut is these married couples have hidden some shocking truths from their other halves.

Making use of the app’s anonymity the confessions shared spare no detail of the shocking lies.
Perhaps some of the most heinous lies came from people who admitted to deceiving their partners about their offspring.

One confession read: ‘I haven’t told my husband our daughter isn’t his. He has raised her from the day she was born.’
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3807475/I-haven-t-told-husband-daughter-isn-t-Spouses-reveal-outrageous-lies-told-partners.html#ixzz4LMgI87Be

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