Knowing your husband’s deadly mistress

This is certainly not your average, run off the mill mistress.

She is, however, loved and cherished by most men.

She lives with the legal wife and kids.

Yes; sort of live in lovers.

She’s always there, in front of the legal wife, staring at her coldly.

Sometimes, the legal wife has no choice than to wash and pamper the mistress.

The wife pays attention when her husband tells her that his mistress is not feeling fine.

She keeps quite when her husband wants to give his mistress a makeover, rather than complain, even though she too needs a makeover.

She learns to hide her resentment and watch her husband lavishes love on his mistress.

She’s the most dangerous of mistresses. As a mistress, she keeps the man on his toes and ensures that he spends thousands of naira to fill her every day.

In some months, she could come up with all sorts of spurious excuses for sickness, ranging from headache down to stomachache, just to make the guy spend money.

The most annoying is that she can begin to act up right in the middle of something serious with her. She can start coughing and give up.

She’s often times a disappointment. But men continue to love her.

…Giving her the best medical attention.

Even when the husband sleeps at night, it’s quite normal to catch him leaving his legal wife in bed, while he steps outside to check on his mistress.

There may not be food in the house, but the husband would prefer to take care of his two mistresses.

I have heard a lot of guys saying they can’t imagine leaving home without one of the mistresses.

The wife and kids learn to accept the situation and move on with life.

The crazy thing is this; most women pray for their husbands to have such a mistress. I can’t blame them though. The mistress adds to the social status of any family. The more expensive and beautiful she is the better.

The thing is this; if not well handled, she’s capable of breaking the strongest of all marriages and homes.

Our uncle Francis, like most of his friends, has such a mistress.

We got used to seeing Francis always begging for money to feed and clothe her.

It’s so shameful. Francis sometimes doesn’t even know how his kids feed or how his wife manages to get food on table.

He’s so fixated on his mistress.

I bet by now you know the mistress and mistresses I’m talking about.

Yes, his car! Francis has two mistresses; car and designer wears.

He would do anything and everything to keep his car in top notch condition. He would do anything and everything to buy designer clothes and shoes, but complains over money for feeding his wife and kids.

He’s a civil servant. Always financially handicapped; but no matter how financially down he is, it never affects filling his car tank. The necklace he wears round his neck is worth something.

I don’t understand such men.

Men, who spend so much on their cars and clothes, yet prefer to starve and starve their families.

They forget that their first priority is their families.

I don’t understand men like Francis and they abound everywhere.

Whenever their wives ask for money, they’ll start talking about changing car tyres…

They’ll tell you that the car has been making a funny noise lately. They want to use the money with them to fix the car.

If the car stops functioning, they stop having a good night sleep. It’s like an obsession.

They become obsessed with plans of raising money to fix the car and get it on the road. They’ll tell you that they can’t start jumping from one commercial bus to the next.

I tell you, I don’t understand such men.

Everyone suffers at home because of their cars and insane desires for designer clothes, shoes, jewelry and perfumes.

As long as they kit themselves and look well, sexy and savvy, every other situation can go to hell!

Even if the guy has a lady he stashed away somewhere, whom he balls whenever he has an itch, she still wouldn’t hold a cradle to his car.

The car is the first love, followed by his desire for designer wears.

As a wife, you must know how to handle your guy and the situation. How do you handle yours?

Have you ever listened when some of them talk about their cars?

You had weep! It’s creepy. They talk about it with a deep rooted love. Like they are ready to die for it; it’s weird!

Ask for money, they go: “My car has been making a noise. I need to take it to the mechanic. That’s the money I’m trying to get.”

If you’re reading this piece and you understand what I’m saying, please let me know.

If you understand such men, please let me know. If your husband is in love with his car, more than you, please share you experience with us.

Do you agree that such mistresses can tumble and crumble a marriage?

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