She was pregnant when she found out he has a penchant for telling lies. Lies are one of the greatest character flaws she abhors in any human being.

Yet, it was staring and smirking her  in the face.

She thought of aborting the growing foetus, but her elder sister kicked against it. She too didn’t want to go through the abortion because of her age. Age just wasn’t friendly with her anymore.

With the foetus growing, she went for her traditional marriage. Her mum took one look at her man and started crying. She told her to call off the wedding. But she quarrelled with her mum.

She was sure everything would work out right. But what our aged parents see, sitting down, we can never see, standing up.

Till date, her mum is still crying, as she watches her daughter struggling alone, trudging alone on the path meant for two people.

Human characters are like pregnancies; no matter how much you try to hide pregnancies, they’ll show someday. His character flaw started stinking from afar off as they continued to struggle through the abysmal relationship.

She sometimes feels he’s a pathological liar; a guy, who believes in his own lies. Today, she walks alone, looking with envy at men and women, walking on the well-trodden path, meant for two.

She prepared her recipe for heartache and today, she’s suffering from bitter indigestion.

She’s not alone.

Several women deliberately prepare recipes for their own heartaches. Stupidly expecting situations to change, when right from the beginning, the biblical handwriting was already on the wall.

Happiness seems so trite, but when you don’t have it, it begins to mean a great deal. No relationship, no marriage, no affair is worth mortgaging your happiness. Your happiness is all that matters. You’re all that matters. Life is short, why waste it living in heartaches?

Another scenario: Another lady:

She thought it was love. It must have been love. But the love comes with a high price.

He hits her at any given opportunity. Whenever he hits her, she makes excuses for his action. He insults her mum and family members without thinking twice. Sometimes, when she comes with swollen and coloured face, she would lie that she barged into a door. But close friends knew she was being emotionally, psychologically and physically battered by her fiancé.

In spite of all these indicators, she still embarked on marriage introduction with him.

God! What was she thinking?

She moved into his apartment after the marriage introduction. The situation didn’t get better. The battering increased.

She prepared her own recipe for heartache. She told friends he would change. She told people that God could change any man, but God didn’t change this one. God has already shown you everything you needed to know. Most women are not that lucky.

Yet you chose to stay, hoping, praying. Today, she walks with her a heart and eyes, filled with despair.

Don’t expect God to do everything for you. A guy that hits you while you’re still dating, is not likely going to stop after marriage.

Many of such guys see marriage as rubber stamping their action. You hear crazy words like: “She’s my wife! What I do with her is not your business. I married and paid her dowry.”

I heard that some women like being hit; I say that’s utter rubbish. No women likes being hurt, except she’s a masochist. Everywoman deserves to be loved.

You deserved to be loved; to be treated well and right. As a woman, know you’re in a  deep shit when you begin to feel that his shortcomings are your fault. Don’t ever blame yourself.

Don’t ever make the mistake of settling for less, just because you’re worried that age is  not on your side. Don’t continue with that abusive relationship just because you want to get married at all cost or stay married. Or because you think all your friends have married.

The destinies of your friends, are not tied to yours. Don’t think of the immediate satisfaction. Think of the future.

Another scenario: another lady:

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