Situations make us stronger, that’s the way cookie crumbles

Dear Diary,

It’s been too long and so long.

A lot has happened in my life, and a lot will continue to happen.

Sometimes, I feel like I’m about to be swallowed up by trying situations cycling around me like pack of hounds.

When they come, they come in bucketful.

People are complaining about those committing suicide; I strongly feel and understand why someone would want to end it all. I can relate with them.

The hard fact about life is that most times, things don’t work out the way we want. That’s the way the cookie crumbles though.

Personally, I’m sick and tired of threats. It’s affecting my job and outlook on life. It’s affecting my love and passion.

I sat down and asked God: “What is the worst case scenario if I lose my job or quit…?”

He told me to take a walk down memory lane of Compass Newspaper.

I did. A lot of thoughts flashed through my mind eyes. I saw me sick and battling cancer, I saw me sick and crying, I saw me financially down and crying, I saw me abandoned with two kids and crying, I saw me crying as one of my boys little battled between life and death. I saw me being rushed to hospital countless times.

I same me crawling and crying. I saw me praying….

Most importantly, I saw me hungry….

And He was always there with me. I didn’t die. He didn’t allow me to die. I survived. I lived.

He made me to live through it all. He was and has always been there beside me.

Tears now in my eyes.

God, forgive my unfaithfulness and my doubts.

Yes, we have company owners, millionaires and billionaires that think they hold the keys to lives and future, but God holds the greatest of all keys and answers to our troubles. When one road closes, another opens.

I remembered Faith and the hell she went through in the hands of her boss and I know one thing for sure….life can only get better, not worse. Situations make us stronger…I’m thankful to God.

God, please, always help me to remember your faithfulness….your steadfastness…

When someone asks you if you’re happy; remember that happiness is relative.

As I grow older, I try to get closer to God.

I miss Faith like something fierce; she’s my sounding board, my listening ears, my tears sharer, my boo…

I, however, wish her to be happy. She deserves to be happy. She has been through so much. We’ve been through so much. We’re still going through so much.

Primary, secondary and university were hell for us. I still recollected the begging….

We have both learnt how to master our pains and disappointments; how to cry at night and laugh at day time.

Our acting abilities will put Omotola and other actresses to shame. Yes, we can’t start wearing our troubles on our sleeves.

Office is tense for me this week. I got N1 billion libel suit from a guy residing inside Kuje Prison.

I’m too stressed out to laugh. Rich criminals hiring SANS to win their cases.

It would have been a laugh, except it’s serious. And it’s very annoying.

Waheed and I have resolved to ferret at the annoying bone together. ACP Abba Kyari, though overworked and overstressed, is assisting us to resolve the issue.

The idiot has also given The Sun Newspapers the love letter.

Mumu raise to power 10!

Yesterday Ezekiel called about his kids. It’s good he knew he did badly. Said he had been busy. But what else is new. But at least he came through….

I’m worried about my siblings, mother and myself. I prayed that everything will turn out well for each and every one of us.

I see hope bubbling in the eyes and hearts of my sisters. I pray God never to see despair replace the hope and take root there.

My phone is seriously bad and I have taken to asking my friends to help me with their old phones. I’m so broke I can’t even afford a phone.

I have been praying for my sons to love mathematics and English, but it seems Michael is embracing Home Economics.

Home Economics of all stuff!

You see my life…? Mitchweee…

He’s always talking about one cooking practical after another with passion.

Today, he told me to buy a sewing kit.

Abeg, wetin be sewing kit?

“What’s a sewing kit,” I asked.

“Mummy, so you don’t know sewing kit?”

I looked at him, “I don’t.”

I picked my phone to check my messages and WhatsApp from friends. He misread my intention.

“Mummy, there’s no need to ask anybody on WhatsApp or goggle, I will tell you…it is scissors and others things that people use to sew…”

Yeye pikin…who told him I wanted to check out what sewing kit meant? Kids!

Pat has been making a lot of arrangements and we’re all so worried and scared. We have taken to praying for her.

Glory is looking stressed every day, getting worked up over the belief or fact- take your pick- that nothing functions in Nigeria.

Someone wants to get an international passport and immigration says no booklet.

The tin don finish!

You just have to pay, allow your picture to be captured and go home to wait for months until you’re called.

Na only Naija such nonsense fit happen…

Emmanuella is with us now; God please use her as a point of contact to her father and mother. The word and promises of God is ever steady and sure. It can never change. It can only tarry.

I’m praying that the business deal with Mike yields fruit.

My mind has been on autopilot for long.

My thought running here and there; I wish I could do something and change my socioeconomic situation.

I’m not one of those women that yearn for latest clothes, bags and shoes. I don’t yearn for cars and wouldn’t do anything to get them.

I only yearn for enough money to feed myself and kids. I want to be there for my mother and siblings. I yearn for good night sleep and less thought of sickness, life and death. I keep asking and wondering why humans are created…on earth…

I want empowerment.

Anointed is sick….

I’m sick too. Blisters on my lip and inside of mouth peeling…





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