And just as I thought the birthday party and celebration was over yesterday- 11/10, I continued with my normal lifestyle (so many task and instructions to handle at the same time. I am used to it though).

Myself and few of my colleagues ( some 3 troublesome young men; very lively and lovely friends though-you will get to meet them soon) were crossing the ‘tees’ and dotting the ‘I’ for the day when the telephone in our office rang around 7.45 pm.

They looked at me and they all started laughing but I was confused. The 3 of them echoed ‘Tola the call is for you’ (my heart sank because that might probably mean another task). They (except Dare) picked their bags and said ‘Tola sorry we have to leave you. We are going home.’

I picked it and guess what? It was a call from Ms Katherine Lopez ( people say we look alike and they even said I am beginning to have her traits – she is an extremely intelligent and hardworking woman-hardworking is an understatement. She talks less but ‘delivers’ smartly more. A very creative and nice woman- she has saved my ass a couple of time). She is just like the 3 other great women I have met in my life- my mum, Mrs Juliana Francis and Mrs Yewande Iwuoha (I will tell you about them sometimes soon).

But the call was not for a task but another chocolate birthday cake!!!! She said ‘Tola please can you drive down to ….. road and pick your cake? ‘I… coming ma’ was all I could stutter because it was again another surprise(she saw me during the day but she didnt mention anything about the cake).

Then I said to my lovely friends- Dare, Dayo and Tomiwa- ‘Oh yea young men of more task, the call is not what you think, it is for a birthday cake’

They (Dayo and Tomiwa dropped their bags) and said ‘baby let’s go and pick it for you. Just wait here for us’ (they are bachelors and I think the cake came at the right time because they actually told me they had nothing to eat for dinner??)

Myself and Dare started laughing and they both ran like rabbits to Ms Kathy’s house to bring the cake and I gave them out of it (I made them beg for it though ?. I took their pictures but they didnt know what I was up to. Check the pictures below)

Ms katherine Lopez, thanks so much ma. I feel loved. Despite your busy schedules (because I know the task before her) you took your time to bake the cake.

I Love you ma.

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