Well, I am used to my normal low key birthday celebration (without cakes or candies. The last time I had a birthday with a cake and a big party was when I clocked 1 courtesy of my dad & mum).

I thought this year’s 10/10 was going to be like every other one (even my colleagues did not know yesterday was my birthday- although I pretended not to remember but my parents & sisters, Adebisi Dammy Adenmosun & Adenmosun Oluwabuseryourmi Hardeytohun wouldn’t let me rest; love u my dearies)

But the families of Dr & Mrs Adewale Adewoyin let the cat out of the bag with a beautifully decorated cake (personally delivered to my office during a joint departmental meeting!!!?). My mouth was widely opened on sighting them and the ‘shy shy Tola’ ?cut the cake with colleagues and friends.

The day ended with a dinner at a chinese restaurant with the Adewoyins again and I felt like a spoilt little girl (even though I am no longer one). Their kids- the Foyins in their angelic voices also sang for ‘aunty tola la la la la’ (that’s the way their kids call me)

I appreciate them so much. They added colour to the day with prayers.

I sincerely appreciate all my families, friends, and colleagues for their prayers, calls, messages and gifts. May God bless you all. May our days be joyous IJN


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