Why we choose sleep over sex 100% of the time’

Keeping the passion alive is a problem faced by married couples everywhere.

As the first flush of romance fades and responsibilities mount, they might find themselves having sex less frequently over the years – or not at all.

Now hundreds of brave Reddit users have revealed the reasons why the fire fizzled out in their own relationships in a searingly honest discussion.

One quipped: ‘Easiest way to scale back your sex life? Get married. Easiest way to reduce it to twice a year? Have kids.’

Some 6,000 people responded to the user’s question, and raising a family quickly emerged as the most common cause for a dwindling sex life.

One new mother admitted: ‘We have a two month old baby and I (the wife) have been going to bed by 8-9pm every night. Right now I’d prioritize sleep over sex 100 per cent of the time.’
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